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Let's Make Your Business Look Good With Less than 50% of a comparable package in East Africa.
The Most Affordable Full-Service Digital Starter Pack.

Having a business website is no longer an option. Businesses of any size must now have a website at the center of their online presence strategy, with the current upsurge of internet use in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.

The creation or redesign of a website is an essential exercise that can become a real headache for your company. The freelancers are mostly unreliable and digital agencies are too expensive for many SMEs.

Designing a website that meets your expectations and goals is the cornerstone of your online presence and Infomoby Business develops websites that:
  • meet the requirements of SEO and digital marketing
  • follow the fast-changing web development trends.
  • give priority to achieving your business goals
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Premium Quality Websites at Affordable Prices

Our team of web developers know about websites, better than many web designers in East Africa – that’s what an experience of creative over 2,000 websites does! We create great-looking super clean and modern designed websites, that are well optimized for Search Engines (to raise your ranking in online searches so that you are noticed better) and mobile responsiveness (so that your website looks great on smartphones, tablets and desktops).
To make your website look even better, we offer FREE professional photography!

The Most Affordable Full-Service Digital Starter Pack.

You know how tough it can be when components of your website is being done separately by different people – domain, hosting, content creation, photography, design, SEO and updates. It is difficult for you to manage all this and you don’t know where to turn to incase there is a problem.
Infomoby Business does all these for you at the same, all-inclusive package, so that your web development process is easy and painless.

Continuous development & website updates

Designing an effective website is a process of continuous improvement. On the Internet, things evolve quickly and your website must be able to adapt to differentiate itself. The ergonomics, speed, security and structure of your online storefront are key to your success.
We walk with our clients by guaranteeing continuous website performance reviews, and most importantly, offering at least four website reviews every year. No one else does that!

E-Commerce Website

We can do beyond the Digital Starter Pack and create a winning e-commerce website for you. Hold as many products as you want and receive orders & online payments securely.

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All in One SME Digital Starter Pack
Professional web design
Super clean and modern design. Classic at the same time. With all this in mind you won’t be outdated anytime ,making your business more relevant.
Professional Photography
clear,colorful and clean photos for our products and services
social share & pages
allows visitors to share,recommend, refer your business to friends/colleagues & get social media presence.
This is a hot spot for turning visitors into leads for your business.
Optimizes your website to look as good on both smartphones and Tablets as on computers.
Domain Name & Hosting
Allows you to publish your web pages on a centrally managed system that is secure, reliable and easily recoverable, and offers a reduced risk of downtime.
Integrating Maps
Interactive maps and directions to help customers to get to your door.
SEO Friendly
Raise your search engine ranking. The higher you place, the more you’re noticed.