7 Simple Reasons Why Businesses Should Have Websites

What is a website?

A website is a collection of webpages i.e. documents that are accessed through the internet. A webpage is what you see on your screen when you type a web address, click on a link or type a query on a search engine. The web page contains information such as text, graphics, color, sound and animation.

The importance of having a Website.
The world today has evolved so much that everyone is able to get online since about everything can be done online. This means that businesses need to take advantage of this fact and use it as an opportunity to meet their potential clients even faster. For a business to be able to do this, it needs to have a website as the customers demand it. ... Read more
1. Customer Needs.

Since the 20th century, people have had significant levels of access to information and in addition, they expect it to be readily available. Customers research companies’ products online most of the time, but often enough the local businesses and chain stores offer a more ... Read more

2. 24/7 Access.

Having a website enables your customers to have access to information about your products and services on a 24/7 basis. Your business may close its doors overnight but the website remains open busy marketing your brand and the products to the potential and already existing customers.
3. Market Expansion and Penetration.

Having websites makes it possible for your local business to sell more to existing customers and reach out to potential ones. When your products and services are offered for sale on your website, it makes it possible for the customers to buy at their own time and ... Read more

4. Competitive Necessity

It is not always wise to do what your competition does. One of the main reason a website is important for your business is to ensure that you are at par with your competition. Many customers make use of search engines to find products and services and having a website ... Read more
5. The cost of Advertising is Low.

The web has a wider reach when it comes to advertising than any other form such as the use of billboards and television/ radio networks. It takes the time to build enough traffic for you to gain a worthwhile impact on your company’s marketing campaign and the upside to it is that it costs very little. Your website becomes the center of your company’s online presence and through it, you can advertise your website around the web through your social media networking sites.

6. Visibility.

Visibility is one of the major aspects that make websites important. Hearing about your company is not enough. Customers will want to verify it and see the products you offer first before they leave their house to come to your location. Your website should have a map and direction to your shops and offices so that your customers can find you easily.

7. Sales

Your website can sell products at any time since it has no restrictions on business hours. Customers have the ability to go online and make their purchase whenever they want. Having an online shop for your business creates a dramatic boost in the number of sales.

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