How to Build Your Business on Social Media


What is Social Media?

Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content sharing and collaboration.

Social media has various advantages when you get to incorporate it in your business. This is in terms of whether you wish to use it to sell products, persuade followers or sway the mind of your viewers to your course. Your target audience has to know you so that they can be influenced in the particular way that you intend.

The ability to get any of these aspects comes from the brand authority. The use of social media for most organizations is mainly for building the brands’ reputation and reaching new followers.

Some of the important need to know aspects when using social media in your business are such as:
1. Choosing networks that support the image of the brand

Most people today are on social media and thus this is one of the biggest medium to market your brand. There are very many social media networks but despite this not all are worth investing in so it is important to find the network that works for you.

  • Facebook is one of the best marketing platforms since it has a very big number of users. Due to its heterogeneous user base one can use it to market and promote virtually any brand.

  • Instagram is a network best fit for brands that make use of a great deal of images such as retailers and clothing companies. It is the best avenue to target young adults.

  • Google + is an avenue best fit to reach men in the technology industry since a great number of the users are men working in engineering and other technical professions.

  • Pinterest is a network that is best if the target group is women. This is a good avenue for people selling items such as jewelry or clothing.

  • LinkedIn is the best avenue for the business to business companies. It is best to promote business related content and for connecting with other corporate influencers.
2. Provide sharable and valuable content.

A strong brand reputation is built on having useful content that the viewers will want to share instead of having content that just covers aspects that only you would read.

One needs to put the following in mind when creating the content:

  • Every content that you share should support the brand image. Sometimes humor can be put in by the use of memes which can be a powerful brand building tool. However always take into consideration of the response of your target audience. If not 100% sure just avoid the whole idea since it can be damaging to the product and the company as a whole.

  • Make sure you identify the content that has the ability to gain the most visibility in your social networks. Most audiences respond well to images than to blog posts.

  • Don’t fear using images since twitter, for instance, has been recorded to have a 94% viewers of posts with images than for the posts without images.
3. Leverage influencers

It is crucial that one publishes killer content on their profiles but this is halfway getting there. If the brand is relatively known, one can make use of their already existing audience through a number of ways such as:

  • Mentioning their names and also citing their websites in your page. Influencers who have Google alerts will definitely receive notification of your work soon after it is published.

  • Tag the influencers referenced when sharing your content on social media.

  • Even if the influencers have Google alerts you can also email them to inform them that you have referenced them.
The above methods are inclined to make sure the influencers share your content on their pages too. It may take a while but if one puts up quality content then the effort will pay off in the long run.

4. Making use of social campaigns to promote your content.

Due to the diminishing organic reach one can make use of the paid campaigns especially those that are ran through the native advertising platforms.

You can make use of contests and other social media campaigns to generate more leads and visibility.

Lack of proper use of social media can lead to time wasting and alienation of people. This can be avoided by ensuring that you have a sound social media strategy. Consistently putting up great content and leveraging influencers in the long run pays off by bringing in more viewers who are then turned into leads.