1.What is Infomoby Business?

        Infomoby Business was founded in December of 2014 to help businesses enhance their presence on digital platforms. This way users that are looking for these businesses can easily find them and           see what they have to offer. Infomoby business has partnered

2. How much does Infomoby Business cost?

  • Package 1: Free
  • Package 2: $200/year

3. What happens after the free trial?

       We do not have a free trial option as yet.

4. How many employees does each plan include? And how much extra do I have to pay for each additional employee?

       5 employees. More than this contact us for pricing of packages above that.

5. I’m not very tech-savvy. Will I be able to use Infomoby Business? Do you provide training and support?

       Yes training and support is provided when the site is published.