In simple terms, mobile marketing is marketing your company to reach and appeal to customers on mobile devices. Mobile marketing delivers user personalised, time and location sensitive information on the go. Implementing a mobile marketing strategy for your company is a necessary step to thrive.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Ads that occur on mobile phones, tablets and all other mobile devices are all considered mobile marketing. The format of the ads varies based off of what platform they are displayed on which allows high customisation. The increasing popularity of mobile devices highlights the need for mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is important because it enables you to reach potential customers no matter where they are.

Types of Mobile Marketing

There are many different mobile marketing strategies, but it is important to pick ones that work for your company depending on what your target market is and your budget.

•    App-based: A significant amount of mobile use is dedicated to using apps. Focusing on app-based mobile marketing allows you to reach a broad demographic based on app use behaviour. Platforms like Facebook have services that will enable you to create mobile ads that users will engage with quickly.

•    In-game: These ads are ones that appear while using mobile games. In-game ads can vary from banners, full page or video ads.

•    QR codes: These can be scanned and lead users to a specific webpage. They allow you to share information excitingly and intriguingly.

•    Location-based: These are ads that show up on mobile devices when the user is in a specific area range or business.

•    Mobile search ads: These are mobile friendly Google search ads that have extra extensions like a map or call buttons.

•    Mobile image: These are Image ads designed for mobile devices.

•    SMS: This involves receiving a user’s phone number and sending them offers via text.

Mobile Marketing Advice

Mobile marketing does not have to be difficult. Here are a few tips to make sure you utilise mobile marketing to the best of your ability.

•    Be clear and to the point:

With the small screens of mobile devices, you need to use your words carefully. If your ad seems cluttered and wordy, users are more likely to ignore them. It is essential to keep them simple.

•    Remember your audience: 

By understanding your target market, you will be able to reach them effectively. Depending on where your audience is, that will show you what types of mobile ads you will want to implement.

•    Don’t be scared to experiment: 

Mobile marketing offers many options for your company. For you to figure out what works for your company, you will have to try out different options. Experimenting allows you to get the most out of your strategy. Make sure to track your results to document what is the best plan for the business.