Emails help to cultivate long-term relationships between clients and the company and hence it is an avenue that all businesses should definitely consider. In the online marketing channels, email marketing is considered to be the one with the highest ROI. It helps to increase your visibility, unlike any social media platform as it targets a specific group.

The following ways can be used to help increase the email list and thereby increase your leads and ultimately sales.

1. Ensure that your opt-in form is prominent.

Many sites rarely consider email signups and give more attention to the fan following and the likes that come with it. The email list is just as valuable as these followings and likes. The email list is always in your control unlike avenues such as Facebook where fans are the ones to decide when they will see your content and Twitter, on the other hand, has a constant stream of information, making messages easily lost in the flood. By making the opt-in button as prominent as possible it can help make your email list even grow by triple its number.

2. Make use of opt-in forms and ensure they are impossible to miss

Most people hate when the popovers, popups, and Lightboxes appear on the website they are in while looking up information. Despite this fact, there are those people who actually don’t mind it as they find the information quite beneficial. When using the lightbox opt-in, you can make it have a delay of 15-45 seconds thereabout and ensure it appears only once per session.

3. Ensure to make the “What’s in it for me?” very clear.

Your proposition to the reader should be head on and difficult to ignore. Provide an answer to the “What’s in it for me?” question and this way the likelihood to sign up will be even higher. Some of the ways to go about this are by ensuring you put up awesome content on a regular basis. If the posts are average, the readers will have no reason to come back and worse leave their emails. You need to make them yearn for more.

4. Create and offer a high-value white paper

Building an email list can be taken as an exchange between you and your customer or prospect. They give you their email address and in return, you need to deliver. This value takes an infinite number of forms but to marketers, it is compared to a white paper. A white paper, using Wikipedia’s definition, “is an authoritative report or guide helping readers to understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.” White papers are particularly effective in B2B marketing where decision makers have a specific business problem to solve.

To prepare your white paper, you could start by looking at your analytics, especially your most popular pages, using page views as a metric. Let’s say you run an online marketing blog and your most popular posts are on keyword research. Your white paper then might be entitled “5 Secrets to Finding Profitable Long Tail Keywords.” And your content, of course, would present techniques to find long tail keywords.

Upload the content through an email marketing software provider and transmit the information in either a single email or in segments. Sending a single email is advantageous as the information is delivered when the prospects are most eager for it.

5. Ensure to have a newsletter that is niche- specific.

Newsletters make it possible to deliver value to your readers on an ongoing basis. So much is involved in creating a well-read newsletter that some organizations have employees specifically dealing with it and not just anyone.

Some strategies that can be put in place include, creating the content of the newsletter by starting with the readers’ needs. Avail useful information and not just veiled sales material. Additionally, offer at least three to four stories in your newsletter across varied, relevant industry topics. Essentially, cast a wide net so that you can interest as much of your audience as possible.

6. Monitor the right metrics and be sure to test them.

Perhaps the most important aspect of your newsletter, and for that matter, all of your email efforts is your analytics panel. While there are a seemingly infinite number of items you can monitor, pay close attention to your delivery, open, click-to-open, share/forward, spam complaint, and unsubscribe rates. Once you baseline these rates, start testing! Try different subject lines, article content ideas, and images. The end goal is to create a system of consistent and persistent improvement in order to build 1-to-1 relationships with your customers.

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