What is an Online Directory?

This is a website submission service in which your website is added to the proper category making it searchable by interested viewers. The searchable online directories allow their viewers to find websites and businesses which they find interesting or want to get information about. Listing your small business on an online directory is important as it increases your website’s visibility and this way creates inbound links to it. Online directories make it easy for people to find what they are looking for since one can access it from their homes, office or even when travelling as long as they have internet connection in their various electronic gadgets.

All submitted websites are organized in various categories such as; business related categories, personal preferences or they could be arranged according to their subjects. The different categories have several websites that contain related topics. Each listing contains the name of the website, direct link to the website and short description of what the website is about. The online directories therefore make it easier for random viewers to find your business website.

How Online Directories Operate.

Online directories can be compared to yellow pages booklet since it operates in a similar way except that the search is done online. The directory is a catalog for many websites that are grouped according to certain similar characteristics. Some online directories are huge in that they cover every topic while others are very specific to a particular niche’.

InfoMoby Directory for instance contains information about local businesses and the services they provide in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. It targets small and medium sized enterprises’ (SMEs) location and their operation hours. Therefore it caters for a specific niche. One could be interested in finding hotels for instance, the InfoMoby directory will therefore show a pop up of the various hotels in your area giving you a range to choose from. The benefit of such a directory is that it will help you find more options related to your specific interest unlike the larger directories.

Online directories take you to the websites you wish to find and all you need to do is perform a search for a specific topic or browse through the categories until you find the options that you require. When you search for the specific item, you receive various websites options with short descriptions of what you are likely to find when you click on it and based on this you can choose one that best suits you.