How do you advertise your hotel business? Are you doing it online? Are you getting returns on your marketing investment? You are probably wondering why we I am asking you this. It is because this is our specialty. We offer digital marketing and data services to companies of all sizes in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Allow me to take you through two methods that we have perfected over time that can help you increase your occupancy levels and brand awareness.

1. Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads).

There is a new trend, well, it's not so new. You realize that before one books a hotel to stay at in a city, they search online for terms like " Best hotels in Nairobi." or “Beautiful hotels in Uganda”. 90% of the time, they will click on the first 6 results that show up on Google, I know that is what I personally do. For your hotel to be ranked among the first 6, it can take several years, especially in this very competitive hospitality industry.

Now this is the point where we come in. We want to help you be listed among the first hotels with a well-managed Search Engine Marketing. We'll make sure that when someone searches for a hotel and other related words, they see this from you:

Or, depending on the online habits of these prospective clients, show beautiful ads of your hotel in allwebsites they visit. You must have seen such ads of hotels or other industries.

That could be you!

2. Social Media Marketing.

There are over 15 million Kenyans on Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, there are over 1.2 million people all over the world planning to visit Kenya for tourism or business. This is a very huge market, and most of these people are on social media.

How can you get these people to see you and more importantly choose your business? We have the solution for you! We can target every Kenyan or foreigner with interests in visiting Kenya with ads to your hotel! So, when they are just scrolling through their Facebook timelines, or double-tapping on Instagram photos, they'll come across your ads and make enquiries or reservations!

Something like this:

If either of these interest you (and they should) or if you need any further clarifications, please feel free to reach us on 0729905156 or write to us through this form.