Ever heard of the saying, keep your friends close but your enemies even closer? Well, that saying makes a lot of sense even in business. Of course, your competitors aren’t necessarily your enemies but still, be in the know of their ways business-wise.

So here are a few ways to find out what they are up to:

  1. Keep them Close
 Yes, literally. If you keep your competitors close, you get a better understanding of their current and plans. You can approach them in a friendly discussion. Get to find out their tactics, the way they conduct their affairs, their pricing, etc. Whatever information you gather from your competitors, use it to help your firm grow but never to hurt your competitor.   

  1. Network
One way you can get to learn from your competitors is by talking to your business associates. The chances are that one way or another, they have interacted with your competitors. Find out what they liked about them and what didn’t make them happy. You can use this information to adjust accordingly.

  1. Pay attention to the marketing tactics

If your competitors are marketing their brand, feel free to check out how they are doing it. How are they presenting themselves to customers? Which channel/platforms are they using to communicate? Etc.

  1. Check out their website

Company websites are a rich source of information about your competitors. If it’s an e-commerce platform then it’s easy for you because you can compare product prices. 

5. Explore the internet

This might be the easiest way to find out about your competitor. You can easily see the products they are marketing, whether they have new clients, the platforms they are on, etc.


Research on your competitor doesn’t have to cost you a lot but it will greatly lead to huge positive results that will help you stay updated and even maybe ahead of your competitors.

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