At Africa 118, we run an online directory and offer affordable digital solutions to businesses in Africa. As we were updating our businesses, we came across the healthcare industry and noticed that we could help the medical practices grow by being part of the current digital era. So that, as these people search online, the hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and labs can be seen.

Actually, from our survey, 59% of people in Kenya look up local businesses online before deciding to procure their products, especially for doctors and medical care, where trust is of paramount importance.

This is what happens… someone feeling unwell or wants a check-up… what does he/she do? Goes online and searches for a doctor or clinic that can handle the problem… and chooses the first few search results… checks through their websites, looks at what other people are saying about it, and if they can be contacted directly online for more details, or to book an appointment. Yes, the things people look for are websites and email addresses... and here is where we come in.

Website - We have created over 1,000 websites cutting across several industries and a big chunk over the last few months have been clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories. More and more of these are coming online to provide information for patients to make a decision to visit them. So, we are offering to create an optimized, professional website, with emails and location features at only Sh. 30,000 for the first year and Sh. 15,000 annual renewal.

Professional Emails - Several prospects turn away if they come across a generic email address like Gmail or Yahoo because they believe a legitimate business should have its own registered email addresses. In regard to this, even if you don't take up the offer for the website above, we would like to offer you your own domain email addresses, i.e. or at only Sh. 3,000 per year for 3 email addresses.

If either of these interest you (and they should) or if you need any clarifications, kindly get in touch with us on 0729905156 or through We will come to get you started!