Taskmoby is an on-demand home services application which matches qualified local merchants with consumer requests for home services. taskmoby offers a solution to a big need in the market.

We will launch taskmoby in a phased approach:

Phase I: Closed launch to staff members

Phase I will take place over a two week period; 10 team members will sign up on the platform each week. They will use taskmoby in a live production mode. Each user will receive a coupon to apply to a service they would like to procure. During this phase, the team will document the customer journey, iron out any issues, and ensure that services can be fulfilled smoothly. As part of this process, each user in the test group will complete a feedback survey once their selected service is provided. Catherine Mwendia, our project coordinator, will provide the users with phone support via 0703737373, SMS or WhatsApp.

Phase II: Test Market to Friends and Family

The users in this phase will be friends of Africa 118, including members of staff from our partner companies, Microsoft and Safaricom. After making any necessary changes to the platform and process based on the internal feedback, we will ask the Phase II group of users to provide an unbiased, constructive evaluation of the taskmoby customer journey. This feedback will help us to ensure that the all aspects of the product make sense before marketing it to the general public.

Phase III: Market to the general public!

At this phase, we will launch a fully tested product ready to be executed with a high standard of quality suitable to offer the public.
- We are targeting to reach a user base of 50,000 in the first year.
-The taskmoby app includes a ratings and reviews feedback for both service providers and users. This feedback will help in the ongoing effort to remove undesirable participants.