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Let's Make Your Business Look Good With Less than 50% of a comparable package in East Africa.
The Most Affordable Full-Service Digital Starter Pack.

Our Digital starter pack was designed to help our clients have an online presence. Having a website is critical for any business as it acts as your online storefront. Our websites have a modern design which is designed in less than one month at an affordable fee. The cost is less than 50% of a comparable solution.
The benefits of our websites are:
  • You stop being invisible.
  • You help control your rankings.
  • You create another sales tool.
  • You build authority.
  • You build an email list.
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All in One SME Digital Starter Pack
Professional web design
Super clean and modern design. Classic at the same time. With all this in mind you won’t be outdated anytime ,making your business more relevant.
Professional Photography
clear,colorful and clean photos for our products and services
social share & pages
allows visitors to share,recommend, refer your business to friends/colleagues & get social media presence.
This is a hot spot for turning visitors into leads for your business.
Optimizes your website to look as good on both smartphones and Tablets as on computers.
Domain Name & Hosting
Allows you to publish your web pages on a centrally managed system that is secure, reliable and easily recoverable, and offers a reduced risk of downtime.
Integrating Maps
Interactive maps and directions to help customers to get to your door.
SEO Friendly
Raise your search engine ranking. The higher you place, the more you’re noticed.